ACCOM'MODATE, v.t. [L. accommodo, to apply or suit, from ad and commodo, to profit or help; of con, with, and modus, measure, proportion, limit, or manner. See Mode.]

1. To fit, adapt, or make suitable; as, to accommodate ourselves to circumstances; to accommodate the choice of subjects to the occasions.

2. To supply with or furnish; followed by with; as, to accommodate a man with apartments.

3. To supply with conveniences, as to accommodate a friend.

4. To reconcile things which are at variance; to adjust; as to accommodate differences.

5. To show fitness or agreement; to apply; as, to accommodate prophecy to events.

6. To lend - a commercial sense.

In an intransitive sense, to agree, to be conformable to, as used by Boyle.

ACCOM'MODATE, a. suitable; fit; adapted; as means accommodate to the end.